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Jared Leto accidentally takes out random guy at the MN State Fair

Lol omg 😂😂

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Was anyone else super surprised by how much they enjoyed Macklemore this weekend? I thought I was gonna hate him and just have to sit through it to get to Blink but he was actually one of the best all weekend.

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Anonymous said: If anything the band is not going to record any more music because the fans are way too crazy for 40 something year old men to deal with. This stuff that has been happening is common among Directioners or Beliebers not fans of a mature band. If I were Jared, Shannon or Tomo I would be exhausted by the fans.

I am exhausted by the fans!

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Anonymous said: Jared owns so many companies, the fame with Mars is much larger and his whole celebrity status is greater. But the fame has gotten to his fuckin head. It's all about money, and its sad because it never used to be like that at all. 30 Seconds To Mars has lost its true message and meaning.

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Anonymous said: I remember the old days when they were not at all money crazed, where they were less popular and the shows were more personal. They didn't give a fuck back then and now it's like they are all trying too hard, trying to meet ridiculously high standards and buy, buy, buy all the time as if they haven't enough money. Back when they had less they seemed much happier and reachable. I just miss it, I fucking miss it.

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Anonymous said: what do you mean they HAD TO make LLF+D?

They originally signed a 5 album contract in 1997/8. They tried to break that after 7 years as per california law. The lawsuit happened. They signed a new RENEGOTIATED contract that was for 4 albums instead, including TIW. So that means they HAD TO make a 4th album - LLF+D.
Now if you’ll excuse me, YMAS are calling to me!

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Anonymous said: What are your thoughts about the future of the band? Will there be anymore albums or tours post 2016 when their tour ends?

Personally, I don’t really see them making a full blown album again. They are no longer under contract so everything post this album is up to them (even LLF+D seemed very forced to me, I don’t think they would have made it like that unless they had to).
I think they might keep making music, release singles or collaborations, but I think they all seem ready to move onto something past Mars. Shannon might go quiet,a Tomo might join another band, and I could see Jared just moving completely into business or maybe finally starting to direct properly.
Who knows though? I didn’t even think they would make LLF+D but they had to so…

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Anonymous said: I used to love guys from 30stm until I saw this blog and realized that theyre full of shit.

Try not to let other people’s views influence yours too much. There are always alternate ways of looking at things.

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Anonymous said: Yup, Shannon is low-key but I always think that the quiet ones that need to be watched. They are like volcanoes. The outcome is harsh.


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Anonymous said: Actually Tomo's arrogance is more of a quiet condescending nature. You won't pick it up unless you really listen. bet an argument with him would be annoying as hell. I don't like Jared that much he seems a little bit too self absorbed and smug. I am also not liking Shannon- and not because of his obvious problems. The saving grace in my opinion is the music.


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