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DISCLAIMER: I reserve the right to not post, or slightly edit confessions I deem offensive or 'hate'. I don't post anything speculating on the band's private lives. Anything posted here claiming to be fact is posted purely as opinion, and should not be taken as 100% true.

I’m sorry I disappeared like that…

I’ve been in and out of hospital for the last few weeks and haven’t had anytime to keep up. I hoped to give you warning if it would come to this, but didn’t have the chance.
That being said, I will not be coming back here, or reopening this blog. Please don’t send in anything it will not be posted and I won’t be making anymore confessions or anything.

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just so we’re clear:

  • getting called out for doing something shitty is not the same as “getting hate”
  • if someone is telling you that you did something shitty, they are not criticizing you as a person
  • messing up does not make you an irredeemably awful human being
  • but how you respond to criticism can be a pretty good indicator of your awfulness

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Anonymous asked: So apparently shannon and jared were interviewed along with tomo for a Ukrainian show and jared said that he and shannon want to settle down and have kids. Lmao, I don't believe it.


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Anonymous asked: I am a fan of this band since llf+d came out and I think their music is great some of the merch is great (but the prices overly expensive) and I think jared is going to far with his behaviour and they overrate things (as I said merch and tickets)


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pillstooffsettheshakes asked: Just curious, how are Thirty Seconds to Mars concerts immature?

They are very choreographed and theatrical. There’s lots of messing about, stupid stunts and childish time wasting. It isn’t about putting on a good music show - itd about putting on a big show.

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Anonymous asked: I don't think anything will happen to Terry. Not because I like him, but because these allegations aren't new, the stories have been made public before and NOTHING happened. Big money, big lawyers makes all the bad stuff go away.


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Anonymous asked: I'm sorry but the anon who said Jared is a liar because he said it's hard to have relationships due to his life style and compared that to tomo and vicky is very narrow minded. That person should be aware that not everyone's the same and maybe Jared don't like the idea of getting married and all that stuff and then leave his wife alone for months. The man is a perfectionist maybe he also wants that to happen in a perfect way, we never know. It's ok to have opinion but call him liar is not fair


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Anonymous asked: I don't understand why some fans are so rude to chloe or Anastasia or even annabelle but they are cool about the model situation. Maybe it reassures them in a way that jared in single? Idk. I also really couldn't care less who they hang out with offstage or in their personal lives. I just find this whole situation interesting


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Anonymous asked: I never realized how big of a flirt Shannon is until seeing all these pictures from last night. I've seen people say he's a much bigger flirt than Jared but he always seemed low key in comparison.


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Anonymous asked: does the anon that called jared a liar because of Vicki and Tomo realize that the point is that * find the girl that understand that kind of lifestyle* it's not easy? Plus Tomo does nothing compared to all the things Jared does, once home he can dedicate his time to his wife while Jared keeps working and working and working...


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