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Anonymous said: Speaking of which have you seen the video on YouTube where Jared is singing @Patrimonio, Corsica? I actually laughed out loud. Touching himself and opening his shirt and everything.. Meh. LMAO

Nope. I’m just glad that when I saw them all I got was the gratuitous Jesus poses, not the Latin popstar shit.

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Anonymous said: The band used to be so much fun. Now Jared is just some Sex God who won't stop talking about Artifact and Vyrt. Then there is Shannon who does not give a single fuck about the band or the fans at least we have Tomo.... Although he too is turning into an annoying animal loving hippie. Then there are fangirls who literally won't stop sexualisng every single thing Jared and Shannon do. Like OMG Shannon's eyes, OMG Shannon's lips, muscles, arms what have you. This officially sucks. WTFIH?


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Anonymous said: can anyone explain to me,why there's so much shitstorm??

There’s always a drama about something, you’ll have to be more specific than that.

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Anonymous said: TIW era really rocked. Now Shannon and Tomo don't look like they care at all and I am not even sure if they even like LLFD?

People change…

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Anonymous said: Things are getting so awful. I really really miss the This is War Era. This is so shitty man. But I guess I will always have a soft spot for Shannon.

TIW was a good era.

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Anonymous said: What even is this letter? Where can I read it?

You mean the one I reblogged 5 posts back?

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Anonymous said: the official echelon fb fanpage acts like nothing is happening or just doesn't give a shit.

If it’s an actual ‘official’ page, then of course they don’t want to advertise immature drama.

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Anonymous said: Everything is falling apart i hate it.

It started a long time ago. Try and find something else positive to put your energy into.

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Anonymous said: I felt the same way about that letter. I dont know who decided to send that letter but it seems pretty stupid. I do agree on certain things, like the M&G (not that I care becuse I'd never pay to meet them) or Vyrt. I do think they need to do something about their setlist because the current one is AWFUL. But I dont see the point in writing this letter because they obviously know all this and they don't care because they're making a shitload of money now, way more than they did before.

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Anonymous said: I actually for once agree with you on your last post. It's a HUGE pet peeve of mine when these little fan girls demand that crap & then post it in the name of "the echelon" because they are to chicken shit to sign their own names to it. Grow some balls and send something directly to the band and please STOP signing your rants "the echelon" you don't speak for me.

I actually cringed with embarrassment 😦

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