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Well, I have a big concern about the Echelon. I am really worried about the current situation and this has to stop, right now.

Well, this is the beginning. I was in Cannes for MARS on July 18th, seeing that the Meet and Greets are taking the first row, we decided with my bestfriend to sleep…

Anyone verify this?

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Anonymous said: Actually, I was going to ask you whether you feel better now after the whole "I've been in and out of hospital" post that you did after your disappearance. I guess you came back because you somehow need to channel that anger in you into something else. Like this blog for example. For someone who said that "I don't care about Mars", you sure know a lot about them. You sure put a lot of thought into it.

I am feeling better now, thank you. They FINALLY worked out what was wrong so it’s under control.
I actually started using this blog again because for some reason it continues to gain plenty of followers a day and when the interesting stuff started happening again, it wasn’t really relevant to my personal blog anymore but is here. Hence why I started posting it here again.
The extent of what I know comes from the few Mars blogs I still follow. I am no longer invested in the band, but because they were so important to me for so long, it is hard to just let them go completely.
I like to have fully formed opinions and views on things before I post them, so yeah. If something interesting happens or someone asks me about something, then I think about it. I would have thought that was a good thing.
And just for the record, it isn’t anger. It’s more ‘lol, jared is being a douce again. Surprise! Surprise!’

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Anonymous said: Wow you came back bitchier than ever. You were at least tolerable before.

Do you feel better now?

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Anonymous said: Well if you are young I think you waste a lot of time talking about a Jared and everthing he does wrong, I think when you have my age you will look back at time ans ask yourself: Why did I waste so much energy and time with a guy that don´t deserves a single second of my life! And If you have my Age you should just enjoy the best of life because life is too short! I'm no attacking you, is just my point of view

Ah, okay. Well I don’t actually spend any active time on them anymore, just however long it took to reblog or write those last few posts. I don’t even look for any Mars stuff anymore, just see whatever comes up on my dashboard.
I have enough shit I’m trying to find a way through at the moment, so don’t worry, I’m good!

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Anonymous said: No I´m not gonna say you are immature/don’t understand responsibility/naive etc etc,

Then what has my age got to do with anything?

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Anonymous said: Can I ask how old are you?

You may, but it’s just gonna lead to some shrivel about how I’m immature/don’t understand responsibility/naive etc. I’ve heard it all and I don’t care.

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In honour of the dick party because no one has any idea what is going on anymore

In honour of the dick party because no one has any idea what is going on anymore

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sucrosemd said: The guy who started the rumor said he wasn't 100% sure anymore

Well he’s a dick too. Dick party!! πŸŽŠπŸŽˆπŸŽˆπŸŽΆπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ

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Anonymous said: Maybe Jared asked not to post pictures of Shannon, to make some kind of surprise to all the Echelon, maybe a pic together, maybe a little instragram video. you are so negative, always seeing bad in everything.... jeeezzzzzzz

Oh yes, I forgot about the way Jared has been so inclusive and sensitive to the Echelon! He’s totally not the kind of guy who overprices everything, exploits his fanbase, or would try and control an entire festival (like… I don’t know putting up signs that give himself special privileges maybe?) by asking them and fans to not upload photos of it. God, I’m so glad he fans who have shown an unparalleled level of respect and support over this time are getting so much in return.
It really warms my heart! ❀️

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Anonymous said: why you just come back to say shit? Can you comment how happy the echelon is to have shannon back?

πŸŽ‰Ladies and gentleman, we have a new record - 1 MINUTEπŸŽ‰

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